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Drawing And Colouring Activity (LKG-UKG) on 01st March 2023 >>>>> Handwriting Activity (LKG-UKG on 07th March 2023 >>>>>Holi(Hoilday) 08th March 2023 >>>>> Working Day (I-XII) on 11th March 2023 >>>> Open Day For Grade - XI/ III Term Exam (KG Section) on 13th March 2023 >>>> St Patrick's Day on 17th March 2023 >>>> Gudi Padwa(Holiday) on 22nd March 2023 >>>> II Term Exam Begins (I-VII) on 23rd March 2023 >>>> Working Day (I-VII & X-XII) / Open Day (VIII & IX) on 25th March 2023 >>>> Ram Navami(Holiday) on 30th March 2023

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Mount St. Patrick Academy

With a majestic mountain for background, as the very name indicates, Mount St. Patrick Academy, one of the latest educational endeavours of the Patrician Brothers in India is located in Pune.

About 170 kms from Mumbai by road, Pune was the bastion of the Maratha Empire. Pune also boasts of being a major Information Technology hub as well as a much sought-after destination for Automobile manufacturing and component industries.

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Principal's Desk

"The more we study the more we discover our ignorance"

- Percy Bysshe Shelly

Greetings! Dear parents, teachers, pupils of past and present, stakeholders, benefactors and well-wishers of our institution. It is my honour and privilege to be part of Mount St. Patrick Academy as Principal for the academic year, 2022-2023.

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