Promotion Criteria

  • Examinations are held at the end of each term. Continuous assessments of the students are carried on throughout the year. Class tests, home assignments, project works etc. are marked.
  • A cumulative record of term tests and internal assessment is maintained which is considered for promotion to the next class.
  • For the purpose of promoting a pupil to the next class level, the year’s record of work will be taken into account along with the marks of the three terminal examinations.
  • The year’s record of work consists of the following: tests/terminal examinations, day-to-day written work, home assignments, project works, practicals etc.
  • A total of 35% marks in each subject on the average of the three terminal examinations are necessary for promotion.
  • As a policy the school does not follow ranking system for any of the examinations. However, proficiency prize will be awarded to students after taking into consideration the entire year’s academic performance.
  • It is compulsory to pass in English.
  • The final examination papers will be shown only in extreme cases on special request.

The school follows two terms for the academic evaluation. The per term pattern is as follows.

I – VIII Marks IX & XI Marks X & XII Marks
Snap Test 20 Snap Test 20 Cycle Test 40
Unit Test 20 Unit Test 20 Unit Test 40
Project 10 Project / Practical 10 Project / Practical 5
Home Work 5 Home Work / Class Work 10 Assignment 5
Class Work 5 Assignment 10 Term Exam 80
Assignment 5 Term Exam 80
Discipline 5
Term Exam 80
Total 150 Total 150 Total 150